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Nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. If you are at the nexus of something you are right in the middle of it. 

GS1 standards are the global language of business. They enable clear exchanges between trading partners, to keep costs down and reduce supply chain complexity. Our role at GS1 is connecting businesses and industries to achieve these goals. Our supply chain conferences bring people together. 

GS1 NEXUS 2019 promises to be an interactive experience, harnessing the successes of previous GS1 conferences while exploring new concepts, technologies and industry trends, both local and global. 


Sectors in focus in 2019 will include Healthcare, Food & Grocery, Retail and Rail.

This conference is an opportunity for retailers, brand owners, government agencies and departments, industry associations, health providers, logistics providers and technology and solution providers to come together. They will share expertise and insights to help shape the future supply chain networks in an enjoyable and productive environment.

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